Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just not motivated

This sat on the cutting mat for a week. I just wasn't that motivated. I couldn't decide on which layout for this block, but I eventually decided on option 4. I hope that the cream doesn't stand out too much in comparison with the other blocks. I like it. It reminds me of a wrapped package, like with a bow.

I received my quilts from Jenny yesterday. I am working on one of the table topper's binding right now. I think there should be a movement towards frayed/no binding quilts. I greatly dislike that final 45 degree seam. Ugh!


  1. This is cute! I've totally been slacking lately on the quilt blocks. I need to get myself in gear this weekend...I've done cutting, just no sewing. No motivation at all lately!

  2. I never liked that final seam until I learned a cool way to do it. It's on the machine binding tutorial on my blog. If you already do it that way and still don't like it, I understand completely! I don't like stopping and pulling it out to finish that seam and them finish off the binding. I sure dread it less now though.