Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a difference a (new) blade makes

I have yet to make a Schnibbles deadline, but I am determined to finish up this month's project. I changed my blade before I started yesterday. HUGE difference. On Friday I was at a friend's house doing some cutting and my blade was dull, so she gave me a Harbor Freight blade. I had read about using Harbor Freight blades instead of Olfa blades because of the lower price. My friend hadn't tried them before so we were both pretty excited about the option of cheaper blades. She opened up a package of 2 blades; the first blade was all gunked up so she gave me the second one. It didn't work. It kept skipping so I don't think I am going to get any. I will stick with the Olfa blades when they come on sale. That being said, Joann's is having a huge sale right now with 50% off thread, cutters, matters and replacement blades.

I am using Salt Air from Cosmo Cricket for Summer Day. I love this line. It is cheery and fun. I am switching the pattern up a little by having solid navy for the 'bars' instead of more charm squares.

I am a shortcut quilter and with cutting so many charm squares to the same size, I attached tape to my ruler to make the process easier. The yellow tape shows the first cuts and the blue the final size. I used a couple other things to make the process easier, but I think I am going to save that for a 12 minute tips at the Des Modern Quilt Guild. Next meeting is Thursday (April 19th) 6:30 pm at the Waukee Arts Center. Do come if you are in the Des Moines area. It is a very fun time. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm it!

I was tagged! By Linda at Flourishing Palms. I met Linda through the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild. Apart from being a very accomplished quilter, she has a very caring spirit. She leads Stitchin' Mission, where she teaches quilting while serving different organizations.

So as part of being tagged, I have to answer questions:

Where is one place in the world you haven't yet visited, but would like to?
Hhmm. . . Vietnam. I've always wanted to go to Vietnam.

What's your favorite quiltmaking gadget?
My seam ripper! Really. Or my purple thang.

How often do you oil your sewing machine?
*sheepish smile* I haven't. I have two machines and I haven't ever taken them in or oiled them. I have removed the plates and removed lint.

What's your favorite perfume?
I don't wear perfume, but I love the smell of Miss Dior.

Machine-piecing/applique or hand-piecing/applique?
Machine piecing! When I want to do hand work, I cross stitch.

What's your favorite dessert?
Tie between cheesecake and pie.

Who's your favorite author?
Jane Austen. Yes, I am one of 'those' women.

What quilting technique would you like to learn more about?
I took a beginner paper piecing class and I would like to explore that avenue more. I would also like to learn how to sew curves. The combination of that would be New York Beauty. There is a New York Beauty quilt along going on right now, but I had to forgo. I have been stalking the flickr group.

What dish do you cook/bake that is considered your best?
I am a dessert person, but I wouldn't say I have a signature dish. I guess one I do make repeatedly is Gingerbread Pear Trifle. It is exactly what it sounds like. VERY good!

Machine-sewn binding or hand-sewn binding?
Hand sewn :( I hate binding. I would like to start a movement to make no-binding quilts popular.

So I am tagging Jenny at Down to Sew. Jenny rescues my quilts by doing wonderful long arm quilting. Apart from being a talented quilter, she is a lovely person.

My questions are:
1. If you took on a new hobby, what would it be?

2. Do you have a hard time gifting quilts? I often wonder about this, because some people are very generous with their quilts and I am not (sometimes).

3. Raw Edge or Needleturn Applique?

4. What colour continually shows up in your quilts, but you deny 'liking' it?

5. Favourite band from the '90s?