Friday, March 11, 2011

Kona! Kona! Kona!

You know how when you are aware of something, you see it everywhere. In my quilting world it is Kona solids. I did a solid quilt along, I ordered a colour card and now they are asking for suggestions for new colours. I am taking this assignment seriously. I am looking at my colour card and trying to find gaps.

Fall colours:
Yellows. There needs to be more yellows going towards orange.
Orange. There aren't oranges. I even have a name suggestion- Clementine. Burnt oranges would be nice too. In a similar vein, a few more corals would be nice.

Straight green:
There are muted greens and bright greens and evergreens, but not enough old-school-yellow-and-blue-makes green. It would be in the range of Jungle.

A couple more browns would be nice. Ash and Coal are the hot neutrals right now, but browns would be nice too. There are enough beiges/tans.

This is just a side note, but sometimes it seems like the name isn't reflective of the colour. I know that depends on the trends of the time, but Peach doesn't look like a peach. I would say Mango was more like a peach.

Oh, and when new colours come out, if there could just be an upgrade card instead of purchasing a whole new card. Especially when the new colours first come out.

Any other opinions out there?

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  1. I love vivid colors, like red, green, yellow, Am from Cuba, (Imagine a Cuban quilter :) we love to show our love for live with colors like the vivid reds like the rubies, dark but brilliant greens (we called it in Spanish Verde botella), blue like the sapphires, you should call it the gem collection