Monday, September 24, 2012

Road trip

I went to Indiana this weekend and hit up two quilt shops along the way. Quilt shops should really advertise on the interstate. I found one just by seeing a sign on I-80. I stopped at Expressions in Thread in Le Claire, IA. It is a really nice store. While browsing the shelves I saw this tshirt. I laughed and laughed. I am sure they thought I was crazy.

I picked up a Cotton Way pattern because I will beat flying geese. I'd go back. It is nicely located too- not too far from the interstate and a nice view of the river.

I then hit up Always in Stitches in Noblesville, IN. This store was huge! They had yarn and cross stitch supplies in addition to fabrics. They had the new Moda Candy so I picked up one in Tapestry. If you're in the area of either shops, I would recommend a visit.

Here are a couple pictures of the quilt I sent Becky. I didn't take any before I mailed it out, so I took some this weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cross stitch taking over the world

First needlepoint shows up on the runway and now cross stitch has shown up on a royal. I am a HUGE fan of the Royal family. Emily came over to watch the Will and Kate's wedding at one in the morning. I even baked scones and we had a champagne toast. I've been following the Royal Tour of Southeast Asia, especially to see what Kate has been wearing. That lead me to the perfect side called, What Kate Wore! This is a really wonderful site. There is brand information and cost, as well as substitution ideas.

I am a cross stitcher at heart and I love this idea of cross stitch in fashion.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I won! I won!

This is me:

Karen said-
This would be the next step in improving my piecing skills. Working with smaller starting pieces and best part? No cutting of the starting pieces! They are 'real' quilt patterns. Carrie doesn't short change.

Moda has come out with 2.5 inch squares called Candy and Carrie Nelson from Miss Rosie has patterns to go along. I won a give away on the Moda Blog of the new patterns called Little Bites. 

Now to go buy some candy!