Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dreaming of spring

It isn't quite spring yet here in Iowa. Last week we got snow. We are now in that see-saw between winter and spring. Block 10 of the Layer Cake Quilt Along looks like a tulip. Something as simple a floral block can cheer me up and this one did.

I spent a lot of time picking the fabrics for this block. I didn't have two matching layer cake squares for the background, so I had to go with coordinated fabrics. I used scraps as much as I could. That's kind of what got me into trouble. I had laid out all my fabrics, figured out my colour scheme and started cutting. One of my scraps I had miscalculated. I couldn't find an appropriate substitute that worked with all the other colours and I wasn't going back to re-pick fabrics. I just took another matching scrap and sewed it to get the appropriate length. So there is an extra seam in the block. My OCD for colour and print overrode my OCD for extra seams.

I think it turned out well. Since there isn't a real background fabric, it looks a little busy. There are only two blocks left. That is crazy! It seemed like May was so far away when I started. Now it is upon us. I can't wait to see what the final layout is going to be.


  1. It's very pretty Karen! I can't wait to see the final layout either.

    Just had a read through your blog- thanks for the info on the Kona colour card, I've been thinking about buying one so that I can easily match up with my prints. Love your table toppers too!

  2. ok, I'm looking and looking, and I can't find your extra seam! Love this block though!