Monday, March 14, 2011

Quilting is stressful

I enjoy piecing. As mentioned in the previous post, my black and yellows solid quilt was going to be my first quilting project. I basted and was going to wing it with the rumpled back, but thankfully Amy intervened. Her very detailed instructions made the basting so much easier. There was a lot of smoothing through the process. I have a very basic, cheapo sewing machine so I had to get a walking foot. I have only sewn through layers to do binding, but even with that minimal exposure, I could tell that a walking foot makes a HUGE difference. A quilting foot is wonderful! Anyway, I started in the middle strip because I figured that if I anchored the middle then I could keep working out and continuing to smooth as I got. I used painting tape to try and 1 inch 'stripes'. Yeah, that didn't work so well. I ended up with only 4 lines instead of 5. After fighting the tape for two strips, I figured out that I could use the quilting guide. Genius! My lines are wonky, but it doesn't look half bad. Since I was on a roll, I finished up sewing on the binding. With this time difference I am still wide awake, so I might as well start hand sewing. I am going to mess around with stitch length for the chocolately goodness quilt. Hopefully using the guide from the start makes a difference with my spacing. I am not sure though if I will ever be a quilter though. I may just piece. I will post pictures once the binding is done.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you, Amy!!!!


  1. You are very welcome. =) I look foreword to seeing the finished product!!

  2. Isnt it more fun to let me do the quilting? :) I do love using my walking foot though. I use it quite a bit on little projects and attaching bindings. I bet the straight line quilting looks really nice on your quilt!