Monday, March 7, 2011

It's here! It's here!

My Kona card arrived today. All 219 colours. It is BEAUTIFUL! I am already using it to pick out my other yellow and gray for the aforementioned Star Block quilt. I had some scraps and I did a mock up of my block, but I am not sold on my colours. Shall I go with Maize or Buttercup? Ash, Medium Grey or Slate? Charcoal too dark? I love my colour card.

Since I had to pay shipping for the card, I browsed the clearance racks and found Martinique fabric on sale. I was able to get the red polka dot for $2.38 a yard. Two dollars thirty eight cents. A steal!!! I finished my Martinique quilt last fall and I needed backing. It was the same fabric that I had used as my accent. Worked out perfectly!

This weekend I volunteered at the Iowa Public Television Festival. I was on during the Love of Quilting block and I got to talk to Marianne Fons. I was so excited. I may have come across as bit of a groupie.

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