Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Friday Night Sew Ins!

Linda said she pronounces it 'fin-see' and now I do too. I have missed the last couple ones, but I am going to make the time for at least one this month. There are two FNSI nights- the 9th and the 16th.

Maybe I will get my tree skirt done. The tree is up, but not decorated. The deal was Emily was going to come over and I would work on the tree skirt. Our schedules just haven't worked, but this was an email exchange from a couple months ago where I blamed her for not having my tree skirt done.

Why am I so bare?
I am so unfinished.
My stand needs to be comforted and warmed.
Alas, I have no skirt.

Oh Christmas tree
Do not frown
You will be dressed and warmed
Before snow is on the ground

1 comment:

  1. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts, about your fabric trips and buying in India. Glad to know you can participate in both December FNSIs. I can't! Other obligations. Darn. Enjoy yourself, and get a lot done.