Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goal update- End of Year

1. Finish Aster Manor quilt. I finished this and gave it to my mum. It made the long trip to India. 
2. Finish Martinique quilt. A wonderful spring/summer quilt. Will make an appearance in a few months. 
3. Piece Flag Day Farm quilt. Didn't get it done, but it is one that I hope to finish quickly in the new year. 
4. Get all disciples in Last Supper done. Almost.
5. Bind table toppers finished last year. I really enjoyed making the table toppers. I have a kit for another one I need to get done. 
6. Sew one article of clothing. I am so proud of myself for making my wrap around skirt. I wore the skirt several times last year and will again this summer. 
7. Continue with Layer Cake Quilt Along. Love this quilt. Loved the blocks, but especially enjoyed the camaraderie of the quilt along quilters. 
8. Start and finish Split Decision quilt. This didn't work as well as I hoped. The blocks work individually, but they don't work together. 
9. Start and finish Christmas quilt. Completed and gifted. Never did get the tree skirt though. There is  always next year
10. Fig and Plum layer cake something quilt. Need to finish out that binding! I love Jenny's quilting on this. This is going to be the perfect spring quilt. 
11. Skinny Strips Quilt using Prayer Flag jelly roll. Top turned out really well. I bought the jelly roll way back in January and finished it out in December. Pretty good turn around for me. 
12. Fresh Cottons jelly roll something. Have backing fabric as well, but no pattern of choice yet. 
13. Patchwork Squared Solids Quilt Along. Learned to say no and glad I did. I do now have a stash of Kona Cotton yard cuts. 
14. Star Sampler quilt. Turned out horrible! Just awful. Need to find a better fabric combination. 
15. Batik quilt. Such a pretty quilt that I don't know why I can't finish. 
16. String quilt. I love the concept, but I didn't have enough scraps and kind of at a standstill. 
17. Stash busting. My stash is stressing me out.
18. Yo Yo strips quilt. I went through all my fat quarters and kind of stopped. It is a fun way to pass the time while watching TV.
19. Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month. Six months behind!!!
20. Quilt Along. I had two quilt alongs that I didn't go with for goal 20. The Chasing Chevrons may make a reappearance.

My main goal for 2012 is to scale back. I have too much fabric and too many patterns. I am a crafting hoarder. It isn't good and I am not being a very good steward of the blessings God has given me. I feel overwhelmed when I see my stash. This is a hobby and sometimes I forget it is. I look at other blogs and I feel like I am not being productive enough. I have other commitments and like I said before this is just a hobby. So Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is a good crafting year for all. 

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