Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something to do in 2012

This was in my mailbox today when I returned from Christmas.

This has been sitting around waiting for me to get to it. I am SIX months behind. I've only done one block.

I was going to get the finishing kit for the quilt, but I was cheap and didn't want to pay full price.Well, I missed out and they sold out of the finishing kit. They do sell the finishing pattern so I picked it up when patterns were 30% off during the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' sales. I am actually kind of pleased I didn't get it as a kit, because now I can pick and choose my fabrics. Now to get the blocks done.

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  1. Because you didn't make this quilt from a kit, yours will be better - more creative and unique. It will be a true expression of you and your tastes. Have fun with it.