Thursday, September 30, 2010

Projects that go on forever

So in my previous post I mentioned my friend Emily. She does counted cross stitch as well. She just finished a project and decided to start a new one. Oh and it is a big one! Emily is outdoorsy and was looking for something in that vein. She found a website and found a pattern with deer. It is a painting that was turned into cross stitch.

It is HUGE. She is using 18 count Aida and it is still going to be almost 2 feet both ways. There are 24 pages of pattern. That's Emily in the background.

So to keep her motivated, I am blogging her progress. Emily colours in the sections she has done to keep track of where she is at. You can see the small patch of colour in the middle. Hopefully that grows rapidly. Estimated date of completion: 2013. Seriously.

I have my own project that needs to be kept accountable. I will get around to talking about that.

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  1. Wow- she is ambitious! That is going to be one huge project!