Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have a Google Alert for the title of my blog and this showed up today. It is a poem written by 'Just a stupid kid' from Poetfreak. I was not familiar with Poetfreak so I looked it up. It is a place to "write and share your poetry".

dating (rough draft)

they've stolen my realities
perceptions filled with technicalities
that parade in my head
drown out surroundings
trample my thoughts
and deSEEve

all isn't what it seams
the seamstress doesn't discriminate
so i meditate to contain the goddess
dwell in my mangled thoughts
and nurse them
i dare not say i forgot

purple haze when i close my eyes
king mino's labyrinth
the maze
the nourishes land, body and soul
that which comes from hard work and toil
mustn't spoil

so i waste away
trapped in a god forsaken system
where those who hurt are not victims
it's her creation
for she weaves the fabric of love

what a sight to see
alas such intricacies
like any efficient machine
it spits out those in need
all in the name of increased speed

all woe is her
as well as joy

where is my seam ripper?

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