Monday, February 7, 2011

Edit: OK it is black and yellow

So the golds did not work out. My friend Emily (of Emily's deer) said she didn't know why I was re-visiting the black and gold colour scheme. Last summer I tried a black and gold quilt using batiks. It did not work.

So I ran to Hancock Fabrics and picked up all the bolts of yellow they had. I ended up with Papaya, Corn Yellow and Buttercup. I had forgotten I already had Corn Yellow, so I kept one of the previous yellows. My previous cuts didn't come marked so I have no idea which is which. I think it is Daffodil. So here is the current selection. I feel more comfortable with it. The papaya is orange-y, but I think it goes. It is the one 'off' colour to make it unique. Tonight I cut.

On a side note, I was doing some Kona Cotton research last night and there was some discussion on whether the Kona Cotton from a quilt store (Kaufman's) was the same as the Kona Cotton carried by Hancock Fabrics. I have looked at the bolts and some of them do indeed say Robert Kaufman.

Edit: I went to Hobby Lobby and the bolts are indeed marked Robert Kaufman. I bought a couple other yellows- canary, banana and something else. I'm so confused now.

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