Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't mismeasure on purpose

Block seven in the Layer Cake Quilt Along allowed for the use of scraps. The scrap piece I chose wasn't quite large enough, so I decided to eek it out. Yeah, not a good idea. Those measurements are there for a reason. A square of 5 3/4 inch is not the same as square of 5 1/2 inch. It looked like it was working till I had to put the borders on and the block was too small. I had to rip a couple seams and trim down to the block size. It all worked out, but I was a bit frustrated by the end. The instructions though were awesome! The pressing instructions really helped.
I wanted the spin to look really spin-y so I did my usual fabric trial. I thought the brown floral showed up better than the polka dot. Likewise, with the border the cream didn't show up as well as the brown solid. I also used up the green because it is on the 'inside' of the block. The green is my sashing fabric and I have been conscious to not use it where it might be on the outside of the block. Always thinking!


  1. Your block looks great!! Those dusty colors are absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love the browns! And good choice on the brown for the spin. It really stands out and looks spin-y. Mission accomplished for this block!...well, except for the measurments...