Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting the year off well

First completion of the year! This table topper has been at my sewing machine for months. I had sewn some of the triangles together, but it just sat there. Over the New Year weekend I actually made progress and this weekend I finally finished it up. Sewing with turnover triangles isn't as easy as it would seem. I think I like using squares to end up with half square triangles. I do the like the way the pattern turned out. I picked up the pattern at my local quilt shop and I really do like the Fig Tree fabrics.

The dining table was a bit messy, so using the couch as a display. Off to be quilted by Jenny. Maybe this can count towards her goal of finishing a quilt a week.


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  2. What is the pattern? Was it designed for turnovers? Your topper is very pretty and would be nice as a larger quilt too.

  3. Henrietta, The pattern is from Creekside Quilting.

    Hhmm . . . I just looked online and they don't have it listed online. It was designed for turnovers. It is supposed to 'spin' more, but some of the blocks I didn't get enough contrast. A good example of the spin is the lowest row, middle block.