Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Serendipitous blocks

Block 6 of the Layer Cake Quilt Along came out today. I had to read the instructions a couple times. I wasn't so sure about this block and vacillated over my fabrics options. I took pictures to make sure I was choosing the right fabrics. This block allowed me to use scraps from previous blocks. To make sure that the block looked different I picked scraps that hadn't been in the same block. Yeah, my scraps are in a scrap pile.

My previous blocks were very coral/pink centric and I wanted to break away from that. I wanted to introduce blue and brown.

It looked great, but unfortunately the scraps I had were not wide enough so I had to go back to the drawing board. I ended up choosing the coral. Go figure! I did think the brown balanced it out a bit.

I think the block turned out fabulously. I absolutely love it. I think the floral fabrics cuts the harshness of the geometric lines. This has turned out to be another serendipitous block. I wasn't so sure about block 3 either, but that turned out great. I am growing as a quilter. I still have my obsessive tendencies, but I am branching out, learning how to mix and match fabrics and sometimes letting things just work out on their own.


  1. I am very nervous about this block. Your block looks great!

  2. I will say this and hope that nobody gets offended, but I felt a little gypped that we didn't get a special quilt along block. It wasn't as hard as I expected and the measurements were spot on. For the diagonal seams I did it like I would do binding.

  3. I really like the coral. I will see if I can get Ann to post some of her blocks to Flickr or if not, I will try to remember to get some photos next week to show you!