Friday, January 21, 2011

Becoming a quilting snob

I've only finished two quilts from start to finish. By start to finish I mean pieced and did the binding. I haven't branched out into actual quilting yet. When I started I didn't even own a sewing machine or a rotary cutter. I picked up fabric and thread at Joanns. After the first quilting lesson from a friend, I discovered Moda Fabric fat quarter bundles. I loved the way the fabric was coordinated and I haven't looked back.

With thread though I stuck with my original selection of Coats and Clark. It is always on sale and they have a great selection of colours. I never thought anything of it, but after reading quilting blogs I have discovered that Coats and Clark is not regarded as a good thread. Who knew?! So I am becoming a snob and switching to Gutermann. There was a half off sale at Hancock's Fabric and so I picked up one spool of all their natural coloured thread.

I also have the perfect storage container. I got chocolates in this box. I love the little drawers.


  1. I didn't mean to become a snob, but, well...I'm right there with you. Love Gutermann thread. I also like the thread from Connecting Threads. =)

    I don't think anything beats Moda. That fabric is so nice....

  2. love that box! I like how you can see whats in it.

  3. I don't think you're becoming a 'quilting snob,' so much as making sure your time in a quilt isn't negated by having the thread not last or cut through your fabric! (And I love Gutermann, too. :)

  4. I used to love Guterman and will use it in a pinch but I am totally in love with Masterpiece by Superior Threads for piecing. LOVE it!! It is a thinner thread and works really well for those places where you have loads of seams coming together. You may want to visit their website and check it out! They use Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton so there is a LOT less lint in your machine too.