Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now for the pillow making

Any suggestions are welcome. Fabric border or no fabric border? If border, how thick? Does border fabric have to match fabric on back? What fabric? What size pillow? The aida is 15x18 and the picture is pretty much all of it.

I love it. It will be hard to part with, but it is going to a very deserving home. I am also happy that I am having a hard time giving it away because I know then that it is worthy on the recipient. If I didn't like it, then why would I gift it?


  1. I love it, too. Fabric border, something with scrolls and flourishes, like a fancy damask or wallpaper print. I have some in my stash I could see working for this.

  2. I do love it too! Looks like the entire cast of Downton Abbey in front of Highclere Castle! As a pillow, it definitely needs an elegant print on the front as a border and on the back. Edge with black piping. Oh, and maybe a small flange inside the border - black would look good, but red or blue would be awesome. Hope that gives you something to chew on.