Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pleased and proud

I am so pleased with the way the pillow turned out. Two wonderful ladies made great suggestions on what to do with the quilt and I had two other wonderful friends who gave in person advice.

I added a flange as suggested by Linda.

I used a textured type fabric as suggested by Doris. I wanted something that was more furnishing like and ended up with micro-suede. I did research on how to sew it and it ended up being a breeze. No different than cotton. No special needle either.

I mitered my corners and using the micro-suede was very helpful. It was very forgiving and being a pillow it doesn't have to be ironed. It took some figuring out though on how to negotiate the 45 degree angle and get the corners sewn together. I even did a flap back. So pleased with myself. I see more pillows in my future.

It has turned out super well, but as I type this and look at it at it I don't like how the corners seem baggy. I made it exactly to the pillow size (18x18), but it just seems kind of limp. Any suggestions? I think I am going to sew in another quarter inch on each side to bring it down to 17.5 inches.

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  1. So happy that Team Doris-Linda could offer helpful opinions. It looks really great! I think that flange sets it off perfectly. As for the baggy corners, I have two tips. One is to not sew the corners squared, but rather in a tight arc. Use a small drinking glass to draw the arc around each corner. The second is to stuff bits of polyfill into each corner to stuff those empty areas. I've done both with with my own pillows. So glad you had a good experience with this one. Can't wait to see more pillows you'll sew!