Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I love colour

God could have created this world in black and white and we would have been none the wiser. He created colours in nature that are beyond description. Spring has arrived in Iowa and I am daily reminded of the beautiful colours in nature. I grew up in India and we love colour. The brighter the better. I grew up shopping with my mum in fabric megastores. As in three to four floors of fabric of every imaginable kind- silks, velvets, cottons, synthetics, blends. We have the most beautiful fabric. Indian women match their saris to solid fabric for their cholis. The match has to be EXACT, so the fabrics had very subtle nuances. Cotton was usually the most popular choice for sari blouses. Here are some pictures from my last trip home. This is just one floor and only one side. Don't you wish this was your local quilt shop?


  1. Oh my goodness... look at all those bolts of colorful deliciousness! Wow...

  2. I had no idea you grew up in India! I would love to hear more about that. =)