Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pie! From Scratch!!

A week or so ago I took a pie making class. I learned how to make pie crust and a couple different pie fillings (lemon, cherry and pumpkin). As part of the class, we got to make two pie crusts to freeze. Today, I made use of one of those pie crusts. My church is having a pot luck and I need to bring a dessert. I tried my hand at hazelnut pie; pretty much a pecan pie, but with hazelnuts.

Rolling out the crust was a bit interesting. I need to work on that, but the dough was forgiving. A little pulling, squishing and the crust ended up in the pan in one piece. . . sorta.

I got the filling recipe off the net and it was ridiculously easy. After mixing it up it did look a bit suspicious. I decided to go with it anyway and figured church people would be forgiving. One thing I did learn is place the pie crust on the baking sheet before you pour in the filling. Disposable pie plates are very flimsy and don't do well with moving from kitchen island to baking sheet on stove top very well.

I couldn't remember if I should foil the edges or not, but I decided to err on the side of under-baking. It smelled divine in my house while it baked! There was a bit of spillage over the side, but the foil did help. I pulled them off for the last 15 minutes of baking. The end product looks great. I need to walk out the door in the next couple minutes. I will update with an edit on how it tasted.

Edit: The pie was delicious! I would make it again. The hazelnuts held up really well against the sweetness of the sugar and corn syrup mixture.

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