Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I didn't realize people actually read this!

I've actually had a couple people 'complain' that I haven't posted in a while.Summers always get REALLY crazy with work and this year has been no exception. I love my job, but I don't have a life during the summer. The drought has added to that because that has meant more hours to work outside without a reprieve of rain days.

Things have slowed down considerably so I was able to take a day off and go to the Iowa State Fair. I love the fair! When I first moved to Iowa I thought I was too good for the fair, but I went and I was hooked. There is so much to see and so much to eat. I ate a lot on Friday and on Friday night I did not feel good.

I went with my friends Emily and Brian. We stopped at the State Fair Sew In and for an hour I worked in a sweatshop while I had two bosses telling me to hurry! We had to pick out 12 strips and sew them together. They picked the fabrics and I sewed. It is an UGLY quilt. So very, very ugly. I feel for the poor child who gets this. Ladybugs, spiders, corn and fish. Brian said it was for a child who has an interest in entomology and marine biology. We are science nerds. The cool thing about the system is you can do just one thing and walk away. I love to piece so I pieced and I left. Piece out! I couldn't resist. I am so funny.

So here are a couple pictures of us. They are cell phone pics so they are terrible. I am not sure why I am blurry but the other two look OK. Those two had way too much fun. I was sure we were going to get kicked out. We were loud. Emily dropped her lemonade on the floor. And all we had to show for in the end was a very ugly quilt top.


  1. I'm so happy for you to have gone to the fair! I miss it so very, very much! You and your friends were generous to do that piecing. I am absolutely certain some child will adore your quilt with all the interesting things to look at in the prints. Good for all of you to give away your fair time in that way. Well done! Hope you find a bit more time to enjoy summer before it's over. Blessings.

  2. Of course you are missed when you don't write!

    I feel very bad for admitting I have never been to the fair and I have lived in Iowa my entire life. =( Maybe next year. =)