Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goal update- May

2. Finish Martinique quilt
3. Piece Flag Day Farm quilt  I fished it out and I am getting to it.
4. Get all disciples in Last Supper done I need to take this off the list
6. Sew one article of clothing I LOVE my skirt. I have worn it several times. It washes great too.
7. Continue with Layer Cake Quilt Along I need to get backing fabric to finish it out.
8. Start and finish Split Decision quilt The blocks are laying on the floor. I need to re-arrange.
9. Start and finish Christmas quilt Still in the stash
10. Fig and Plum layer cake something quilt I picked up the Sugar Twist pattern, but nothing beyond that.
11. Skinny Strips Quilt using Prayer Flag jelly roll
12. Fresh Cottons jelly roll something I think it is perfectly suited for a braid quilt.
14. Star Sampler quilt I don't know what to think about these blocks. It isn't the blocks; it is my colour choice. I am going to plough through and hope that my layout fabric redeems the blocks.
15. Batik quilt It came together pretty quick. I need to use more of my batik fat quarters.
16. String quilt I think I started this too soon. I don't have enough accumulated scraps to really make it work. The blocks all look a bit alike.
17. Stash busting I have random fat quarters left over that I need to use up.


  1. I'm happy to help you with #16. I'd be glad to share strips with you. Just let me know!

  2. Funny, I was going to post the same thing as Linda! Are you sticking to just colors from Martinique (see those over there in flickr photostream)?