Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best idea EVER!

There has been some negativity towards the 'modern' quilt movement and the wonky block. I wonder if there was this kind of outrage when rotary cutter patterns came out. Anyway, who cares?! Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, especially with a hobby/craft/art form.

I am a beginning quilter so I have no style. I am a pattern follower. I've seen a lot of wonky blocks and wonky log cabins on blogs and wanted to try it out. I don't have accumulated scraps, but I picked up a Moda Scrap Bag a couple weeks ago. The reason I picked it up was because it was Kate Spain's Fandango. I never picked any up when it came out, but I like the quilts that used the fabric.

Last week was kind of rough at work and last night I needed an easy sewing project. I thought I would try the wonky log cabin. Like I said, I am a pattern follower so I used Quilt Dad's Wonky tutorial. The wonky log cabin is the best idea EVER! I didn't have to worry about seam allowance, cutting my strips straight, matching seams. It was so liberating! I didn't go for too wonky; more like, 'that girl can't sew straight'. I think the blocks turned out great. There was some finagling because a couple blocks turned into rectangles. Since it is scrappy and wonky I didn't care. The blocks are smaller than what John showed, but I ran out of fabric. I am going to sash them with brown. The pictures make it look like it is black, but it is Kona Coffee. HA! Kona Coffee. I think I will revisit the wonky log cabin.


  1. There is something freeing about wonky blocks. =) I love them!

  2. Glad you liked the tutorial. Your blocks look great!