Saturday, May 10, 2014

Granny Squares progress

I've kept up with my goal of 24 square rounds per day. I already know that when I get done I won't be lifting a crochet hook for a LONG time. It does take time, but I am enjoying it. There is a rhythm to crochet that I enjoy. It is also an easy pattern to do while watching TV. I've watch A LOT of Law and Order this week. There are marathons almost every day on some channel or the other. Everything I've learned about crime investigation and justice I've learned from L&O. It really is a good who.

So I am 40% done. I really love having a spreadsheet to keep track of how much I've completed and when I need to sort out for the next colour. On to the third colour!

1 comment:

  1. When I see such lovely projects like yours, I am tempted to learn a new skill, but then I think I really shouldn't add to my hobby. As it is the house gets far too neglected and the cooking is scarce. But, then again.... ;)