Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Balanced negative space was achieved"

First irritation about that statement- passive voice. Second irritation- who makes a statement like that about a modern quilt?!

Let me back up. The Iowa State Fair had a modern division for the first time. I decided to enter because I figured if there were many entrants then they would keep the division. I had no delusions of winning. I knew that several of the ladies from the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild were entering so there would be some really nice quilts. Well, the division didn't turn out exactly how I expected. There were a couple quilts that I thought were robbed of ribbons, but that's ok; judges' prerogative. What I am irritated about is that they didn't seem to understand the category and went through a checklist of what they thought the category was. Hence the comment, "Balanced negative space achieved".

Anyway, I LOVE this quilt. The pattern is from Modern Quilt Relish and the fabric is Dear Stella. I love the pattern. I love the fabric. I love the colours. Jenny did a fantastic job quilting it and again was able to interpret my chicken scratch on a piece of paper.


  1. Well, I love it. I'm glad you entered it. Maybe next year I'll have the guts to enter something and just know not to expect nice comments from the judge.

  2. I saw your quilt at the fair! I just didn't know it was yours. =) I love it!

  3. I found your quilt at the fair! That was so fun to see my handiwork there! But now that i see the judges comments--i am pretty disappointed in the "average" mark in the quilting category---consistancy and tension needs improvement??? I am shocked! I used the stitch regulator and I ALWAYS check my tension and fix any areas that are bad. :( i dont get it.

    But giant kudos to you for entering! You inspired me to consider entering, but now maybe not for a while....

  4. I've never been satisfied with judging at the Iowa State Fair. I think it's a matter of a lesser-experienced judge (lack of funding to afford better) needing to judge too many items. I wouldn't take the comments to heart. Good for you for entering and sharing your beautiful quilt with everyone.

  5. In my past experienced a persons quitling technique can alter their view to something fun and fresh. I just hope next year things are different. The Quilt is JUST AMAZING! I really love it!