Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slight miscalculation

The first week of the Spring Sampler came out and there were two eggs in a nest. I figured that since they were unhatched eggs, over the next 5 weeks the eggs would hatch. Well, this week's came out and there are no hatching eggs. Oops.

This has kind of messed up my plan, but I am going to go with it. See my plan was to have the egg hatching on the far right and to be the sort of 'anchor' to the rest of the craziness going on. I decided to stitch the other 4 images randomly without the prescribed frames. Well, sorta randomly. I did make sure that I would have enough space. The pattern called for an 11" square so I upgraded to 15". I also divided up the fabric into 5 rows to give a framework. It was a bit weird to just sew wherever and not have set intervals. I sewed little bits of every image so I wouldn't lose my nerve and want to space them out appropriately.

So for week 2, I am going to drop a teapot design and repeat the eggs from week 1. If week 3 doesn't have eggs, then I really am in trouble. The April angry bunny turned out well. I added a couple raindrops over his head where the antlers should have been. I think the Woodland Sampler is shaping up very nicely. February is my favourite.

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