Friday, March 29, 2013

Lots to tell

I have several different things to share, so I am going to break them up into different posts.
First story- I went to Indiana for a few days. I took my guild challenge project with me, but I cut my pieces ahead of time so I could take less stuff. I went with the plus blocks and was feeling pretty proud of myself for doing the math correctly. Wanted to use all the pieces, but I couldn't get a complete final row because I didn't have one last square. I used fusible fleece for the backing, quilted it, cutting the back and it looked good. I even showed it at the guild meeting, but something seemed off. It wasn't square. How that slipped by me I have no idea. so even though I had shown it, I ripped it apart, sewed on an extra row by salvaging a scrap and made it square. I did some franken-fleecing to make it work, but it did. If you look closely you can kind of tell that the bottom row is off.

Since I had already cutting the back, I had to do a pieced back. Again I salvaged the scraps to make it work. It totally did and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. I need to stuff it and use it!

Kind of a bad picture, but here is the final result.

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