Saturday, November 3, 2012

Had to share. . .Ode to the Seam Ripper

From Jill at Simple.Frugal.Quilts

Seam ripper, seam ripper.  Where have you gone? 
I need you! I need you!  For that sewing machine has done me wrong.

Oh you darn machine!  You stitched this block all wrong!
My points do not point. My stripes are all wrong.  Come to think of it, so is my tension.

Seam ripper, seam ripper. Where have you gone?
I need you! I need you!  Show yourself now.  Before that darn machine makes me bang my poor head.

Oh you darn machine!  How you frustrate me to no end!
I clean you, oil you. I cover you.  And you treat me so bad.

Seam ripper, seam ripper.  Where have you gone?
I clean you not. Your cover is forever gone.  And yet.  You still help me out of a jam. So I take back those evil thoughts in my head.

Oh you darn machine.  Will you ever learn?
I am the boss.  I am! I am!

Seam ripper, seam ripper.  You are my friend.  You judge me not.
Unlike that darn machine.  Who torments me to no end.

Yes seam ripper.  You have helped me time and time again.
For you dear seam ripper understand.  I am better at stitching then what that darn machine says I am.

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