Friday, August 27, 2010

Branching out to table linens

I am trying my hand at a table topper. I picked up the pattern last fall, but didn't get around to picking fabric till a couple weeks ago. The pattern is a simple quartered nine patch I got from Creekside Quilting here in Des Moines. The pattern uses pre-cuts; using Moda fabrics naming convention, a Layer Cake or a Charm Pack. The Layer Cake makes for a throw sized quilt and the Charm Pack yields the table topper.
I chose Pashmina from Sentimental Studios. The line came out a while ago and I had noticed it, but never picked it up. The kicker was the sale at Fabric Shack. I love that store and their customer service is awesome. FYI- half price shipping right now. I was able to get coordinating fabric for the backing. I like the back to match the front. I have a slight matching obsession.
I am looking forward to putting this together. I don't think it should take long, but that means all my seams will have to match on the first try. Yeah, right! I adore the fabric. I like colours and the motifs. Can you name table toppers like you name a quilt? I need to start thinking about a label.

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  1. Love the patterns - can't wait to see the finished product.